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About FFG

FFG (Fiberglass Finished Goods, LLC) was established in 2021 with offices located in both North Carolina and Texas. Our mission is to produce the highest quality fiberglass finished goods for our customers at an affordable cost. We treat customer satisfaction as our highest priority and guarantee the craftsmanship of all our products.

Frequently Asked

Are FFG dock boxes made in the USA?
Yes, all FFG dock boxes are fabricated and assembled outside of Hickory, North Carolina.
Does FFG utilize rust resistant hardware on its dock boxes?
Yes, all FFG dock box hardware including shocks, locking clasps and hinges are made from high quality stainless steel in order to prevent rust and prolong the overall life of the box.
Does FFG offer any customization for its dock boxes such as logos or colors?
Yes, FFG does have the ability to provide customization for dock boxes including color, embedded logos and custom decals for an additional cost. Please reach out to us if you have unique requirements.